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“We believe that every individual has the power to find inner peace. Through specific techniques, such as talk therapy and structured goal setting, we can work together to overcome hardships and progress to living a happier life. Regardless of the difficulties you would like to overcome, we are confident that through the development of a transformative mindset we can work together towards making positive strides to achieve your ultimate goal(s)!”

Founder, Amber Weiss

Amber Weiss, LMHC, THTC, NCC

Founder of Transformative Mindset

Psychotherapist & Clinical Supervisor

Licensed to Practice in NY & FL

Licensed to Practice in

​Amber Weiss studied psychology for over 10 years and graduated from New York University with honors and a Masters degree in Mental Health Counseling and Wellness. Throughout her experiences, she has seen success in working with individuals with addictions, various anxiety disorders, trauma, depression, emotional eating disorders, along with individuals on the autistic spectrum. However, her scope of knowledge is not limited to the populations listed above.

My Framework

Amber’s theoretical approach is catered to each individual’s needs which are specifically modified based on what one needs to achieve their desired outcome. In most cases, she tends to combine behavioral, cognitive, person-centered, and psychodynamic perspectives. Furthermore, Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT), and Rational-Emotive Behavior Therapy (REBT) are the primary modalities she uses in her sessions. DBT is a motivational model that consists of having the control of awareness to be present in an experience and its outcome, and then learning how to specifically modify your vision to get your preferred outcome. MBCT teaches an individual to be fully present in the moment and therefore have control over their feelings and thoughts. REBT consists of modifying impractical and irrational beliefs to experience a rational and practical outcome. In witnessing breakthroughs, Amber has come to realize that ​various techniques and tools contribute to optimal success. She believes that each client may process therapy differently and it’s essential to utilize multiple approaches when attempting to find the most suitable fit for each individual case.

Beth Friedman, MHC-LP

“Happiness is your human right, and I make it my duty to help you find it.”

Beth Friedman graduated with a major in Psychology and Psychoanalysis from Tel Aviv University and has a Masters degree in Mental Health Counseling from Yeshiva’s Ferkauf Graduate School. She completed various pieces of training that taught her how to become a trauma-informed counselor and work with individuals with a history of trauma, substance use, anxiety, depression, bipolar 1, schizophrenia, and other mood disorders. Her goal is to help overcome the stigmatization of marginalized groups suffering from mental illness by gaining autonomy over their lives and mental health. Interning at the East Village Access PROS program exposed Beth to this population; however, mental illness does not discriminate and can impact everyone. It is her goal to be able to work with any client, regardless of skin color, socioeconomic status, and/or religion.

My Framework

Beth’s preferred therapeutic modalities include psychodynamic, person-centered, and cognitive-behavioral therapy. With psychodynamic psychotherapy, she works with clients to find out how their previous life experience has impacted their current lives. It is integral to use a person-centered approach where clients take an active role in their mental health journey. She carefully listens to each client throughout their work together, giving thought and attention to how to best meet their goals and needs. She incorporates cognitive behavioral therapy in unlearning certain thoughts and behaviors to gain control. She also believes in teaching grounding techniques and mindfulness as tools for clients to use outside of therapy. Regardless of intervention, Beth believes that each person is an expert in their own life. She is here to guide clients in learning about themselves throughout their mental health journey.

Drew Ullman, MHC Resident at NYU

"Let me be there to support you while you set yourself free from what could be holding you back. We can take on this journey together, as a team."

Drew Ullman is a Master’s level counseling student at New York University’s Counseling for Mental Health and Wellness program. Her goal is to create a safe space for individuals, couples and families to work their journey of self-exploration. It is important for the client to feel that the therapy room is a judgment-free zone where they can feel comfortable being vulnerable and at the center of the conversation. Her areas of interest include working with teenagers and young adults who are experiencing difficulties related to anxiety, depression, OCD, life transitions, and healing from trauma.

My Framework

Drew is integrative in her approach, tailoring her technique to fit each individual client’s needs. Incorporating CBT, psychodynamic theories, and person-centered therapy, she will help guide her clients to build a deeper understanding of themselves, their past, and how to best navigate their present. Starting therapy can be an overwhelming process, and Drew is here to make her clients feel comfortable and accepted in an environment where they can explore their emotions further.

Lauren Pastolove, Manager of Patient Care and Administration

Lauren serves as the Manager of Patient Care and Administration at Transformative Mindset. She is deeply passionate about mental health advocacy and changing the stigma associated with mental health. She plays a pivotal role in creating a nurturing and supportive environment for all patients and staff.

Lauren is committed towards ensuring a smooth transition for each patient at Transformative Mindset. She takes pride in guiding each client to their best-matched therapist, working closely with her team of skilled therapists to meet individual needs. She works hard to foster a culture of teamwork and continuous improvements. She looks forward to making your journey at Transformative Mindset one filled with compassion, empathy, and ease.

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